Accurate Motor Parts & Machine, Inc.


tubeIf you're interested in performance modifications to your engine we offer services such as torque plate honing to ensure true bores for a proper ring seal.

We can square deck your block. This equalizes the distance from the crank centerline to the top of the deck so that all of the deck heights are the same, ensuring even power in each cylinder. This can also increase the compression ratio.

If compression ratios are your main concern then we can "CC" your combustion chambers, intake, and exhaust ports, as well as piston volume for proper compression ratio.

Block sleeving is another service we can do if you need to sleeve to a bigger bore or if you need to repair a cylinder due to a crack or damage from broken parts.

The block clearance service is useful if you are adding a "stroker" crank or bigger rods, which can sometimes present a block contact issue in your rotating assembly.

We also provide services such as crankshaft balancing and many other performance modifications.